Ripple was hit with a move to end rumors that Bitcoin’s centralized competitor could be introduced to major U.S. trading platforms. No decision has been made to add new assets to GDAX or Coinbase, the exchange said in a statement. blog post rejecting any statements to the contrary. Ripple lost approximately $ 30 billion in market capitalization on the day of the announcement.

God Giveth, God Taketh

The clarification on the matter came in response to unverified rumors and unfounded reports that Coinbase may be adding Ripple to its cryptocurrency markets. They undoubtedly helped fuel the wave of Ripple which doubled in price in a week. After Coinbase said it had no plans to change its digital asset framework in the short term, Ripple faltered on the charts and lost 20% of its value before recovering some. Its market capitalization is now under $ 125 billion, down from its peak of nearly $ 149 billion on Thursday. An XRP coin is currently trading for under $ 3.25 USD at press time, according to Coinmarketcap. Ripple Dips after Coinbase rejected rumors of a new asset

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency market in the United States and operates the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX), a platform for trading a variety of digital assets and a broker that processes crypto-fiat transactions. It works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and added support for Bitcoin Cash last month. BCH jumped 70% after the latest update of its digital asset framework. The announcement on December 17 was due to a leak that drew much criticism and led to an internal investigation.
Coinbase also recalled that its Digital Asset Framework, launched a few months ago, highlights the criteria for supporting the new assets. He added that an internal expert committee was responsible for determining if and when new assets would be added and insisted that these employees be subject to corporate confidentiality and restrictions.