Crypto Commits Ranked and Rated

Currently, Cryptomiso lists the confirmation history of 611 cryptocurrencies and records how often its code base is updated. The first five results, based on the activity of the developers, are predictably linked to new projects or projects still to be launched where there is still a lot of work to be done. At the top of the list is Cardano, with over 6,500 commits from 51 contributors, followed by Lisk, Waves, 0x and EOS. Bitcoin ranks seventh, right behind Globaltoken, a dark currency only available on Coinexchange. Its total market capitalization is only $ 350,000.

Github’s commit rate shows that the main code is kept, but it doesn’t show the quality of these updates. For example, a minor bug fix would have the same score as adding Lightning Network support. However, as a broad indicator of a cryptocurrency developer’s support, Cryptomiso is a useful tool.

The Roll of Shame

While the coins that are at the top of the list can safely be considered as an ongoing business, those that are at the bottom of the list need to commit. The likes of Bigup (609th) and Tittiecoin (608th) aren’t particularly surprising. Neither is Fedoracoin (586), who deserves a mention if only to emphasize that his ticker is TIPS. However, many more popular coins and tokens are surprisingly low on the list. Red Pulse (567th) only launched in October and has only seen one engagement from Github since. Substratum has also had only one engagement since its launch last year.
Currently, it is not possible to filter the results displayed on Cryptomiso, but here is how the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap are ranked based on their activity on Github:

Bitcoin Cash

As a standalone investment guide, Github’s business has limited use. But as part of a larger toolset, Cryptomiso is a useful resource for traders who are willing to do their own research in an effort to make smarter investments.